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100 Steps Photo Challenge
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Thursday, August 2nd, 2007
2:22 pm
Camera assistance
OK here's my dilemma, and am looking for any input/feedback.

I currently have a Minolta 500si (35mm) camera, 35-105 zoom lens, and very nice Monolta 3500si flash. Takes very good pictures, but I'm sick of the spending money for film and developing, since I make photo CDs of everything and deal electronically.

I purchased a Cannon A70 about 4+ years ago as my first venture into digital photography.

While the ease of the Cannon was great, I'm getting a lot of blurry or missed shots due to slow shutter, or flash issues (washed out, blurry picture or redeye).

I haven't used the 35mm a lot and I'm finding I'm not picking the Cannon up as I'm not happy with the pictures.

So I've been looking at digital SLR but due to both cost and my physical limitation of pressing the shutter, zooming, and holding the camera with my left hand, have kind of rules them out.

So I'm down to bridge cameras (more than a point and shoot, less than SLR).

My parents recently observed why I keep looking at high end cameras. I stand very far from most subjects (i.e. people talking in a party) and take pictures from across the room. As a result I need a flash that can cover distance, yet also one that won't wash out close portraits.

So, I'm looking at getting the Fuji S700 but would like feedback on it or similar units.

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Friday, June 8th, 2007
1:44 pm
Hello . . . :)
Just a few photos I took with my camera phone . . . on a walk in our neighborhood.  Hey! it gets me out there! :)

Hmmmm . . . My cameraphone  is taking nice pictures of clouds and the sky.
I might have to purchase a *real* digital camera, sooner or later . . .

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Thursday, May 31st, 2007
1:24 am
Lonely in here!
Where  is everyone?  I think this is a great site with wonderful potential.  I am very interested in viewing other people's photos of their long walks.  Also, I am enough of an egotist that I enjoy feedback about my pictures.  

Here's one picture I took the other day.  It is the site of my first apartment away from parental home -- I lived there with a roommate for about three months in the summer of 1959.  Problems with that roommate forced me to move to a much nicer apartment nearby with two great roommates.  Anyhow, this was a really cute place, a one bedroom on Boston's Newbury St near Mass. Ave.  Rent was $18 per week, heat and utlities included, shared two ways ($9 each).   About twenty years or so later, the Mass Pike extension into Boston resulted in the razing of that whole section of Newbury Street westward from Mass. Avenue almost to Kenmore Square (think Fenway Park).

I have an album I call "Places I Remember" -- This is one of Boston's well-known "Three-deckers", located at 111 Williams Street in Jamaica Plain.   We lived on the top floor of this very large apartment from the time I was three months old (1941) until we had to move when I was seven years old (1948).  My mother tells me that the rent was $32.50 per month and we paid our own heating bills (Hard coal furnace).  Today our apartment is one of the three condos in the building - last sold three years ago for $250,000.  Imagine!  Buying an apartment?  Not me, thanks!

So, how about it, people?  Taken any good pictures lately?  I would LOVE to see them here.
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
2:03 pm
First Post
This is my first post to this group. Due to technical difficulties with posting, all I can do at this point is direct you to my Photobucket page which shows my first effort. Enjoy!
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
1:34 pm
May 15, 2007

Here's the most recent long walk (that is, up to a point - I actually walked a greater distance, but stopped taking pictures after the final one in this set.

A little over 100 steps from home, traveling south on Joy Street, climbing the last plateau of Beacon Hill on the way to Boston Common. On the next block we crest the Hill and head downhill, still on Joy Street toward Beacon.

At the corner of Joy and Beacon Streets while I was waiting for a walk light along came a Duck Tour amphibian.  The passengers waved at me and gave a customary "Quack, Quack!" and I responded in kind.  These are war surplus vehicles which tour Boston's historical areas by land and end up with a splashdown in the Charles River over by Science Park.   I have never been on one - the price is kind of prohibitive.

Inside Boston Common, now heading west, a peacful warm sunny day.  People take afternoon naps out here under the shade trees.

The is the Tadpole Playground on Boston Common, for kids under seven years of age (must be accompanied by an adult).  It is located next to the Frog Pond Wading Pool.  The playground also has sprinklers that turn on and off periodically to cool off the little ones (and parents, if they wish)

I just had to take a picture of this young man. He is one of about five lifeguards who circle the Frog Pond and watch out for the kids who are wading.  The pool is not really deep enough for swimming, but one can float on one's back.  Although it is technically for kids, adults also enjoy the fountain on a hot sultry day like Wednesday, May 9, 2007.  The Frog Pond opens for wading the first of May and closes after Labor Day.  It opens again I believe around Thanksgiving for winter ice skating - skate rentals are available,  and snacks in the  nearby clubhouse whenever the pond is open.

The Frog Pond, Boston Common, with view of #1 Beacon St building.  Notice the grownups standing in the spray?

In the Boston Public Garden:  Mrs. Quack and family - Jack Zack Quack Mack Hack Rack Tack & Wack, (or something like that) - inspired by Robert McCloskey's childhood classic story "Make Way for Ducklings". 

Tulip Time at the Public Garden, Boston - May 2007

Public Garden Lagoon with the world's smallest suspension bridge - see resident swan in foreground

I was watching these two swans (previously named Romeo and Juliet - last year it was discovered that they are really both girls, so were quickly renamed Julia and Juliet) -  watched them ducking in the water, tails up and preening their wing feathers.  I took a couple of pictures, and then as if they realized they were being photgraphed, the little dears came on shore and started flapping wings and stretching.  I was prevented from getting any closer by a fence and a sign asking us not to disturb the swans and ducks (nesting area on Duck Island nearby).  See the Swan Boat approaching the island?

A swan boat returning to base after rounding Duck Island

George Washington statue and plantings near the Arlington Street end of the Public Garden (West side)

This was the former Hotel Vendome on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.  Today it is a high priced condo development (approx. $1,000,000 per unit).  The hotel was destroyed in 1972 by a huge fire - five alarms - several firemen were trapped in the building when the roof fell in and I believe it was eight of them who died there.  The fellow who was best man at my sister's wedding was one of the trapped firefighters who was rescued, amazingly unhurt.  He recently retired from the Boston Fire Department.

The Firefighters' Monument i - on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall across from the former Hotel Vendome.  The names of all the men who died that day are engraved on the granite wall, and on top of the wall is a bronze fireman's helmet and coat.

The Women's Memorial in Boston on Commonwealth Avenue Mall.  Phyllis Wheatley, a black slave in the early 1700's and a famous poet, is memorialized here.  Also Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, and the early feminist suffragette Lucy Stone. 

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Saturday, May 12th, 2007
12:19 pm
May 7, 2007

I am going to TRY to post pictures I took this past week during a walk from my home on Beacon Hill Boston to Haymarket Square.  I have a hard time uploading pictures to LJ and have no idea why.  

This walk demonstrates pretty clearly the mix of the old and the new in my Boston - Modern Buildings standing right next to structures dating back to the 1700's are a common sight throughout the city, but especially in the Beacon Hill, West End areas.

I believe I have figured out the formula for uploading from my files.  This first picture is of Joy St., Boston, just around the corner from my apartment.  We are at the top of Beacon Hill, looking down toward Cambridge St.  Note the gas light - these are the only street lights we have all over Beacon Hill and much of the downtown/uptown residential areas.  There is little or no on street parking, so most permanent residents do not own cars - we use public transportation, taxi, and bicycle - when we need to take a long auto trip, we rent a car -- it's cheaper and we dont have to worry about where to put the foolish thing when we get home again.

100 steps later we are 1/3 of the way down Joy St.  Note the buildings front right on the sidewalk.  We have trees planted in tree pits on the sidewalk, which makes them so narrow that we often walk in the street itself.  See the iron fire escapes on some of the buildings?  What do we do for a yard?  We have roof terraces and "hidden gardens" between the backs of  the buildings and the alleyways, nicely maintained and fenced.  We also have the Charles River Esplanade, the Boston Common, and the Boston Public Garden, all within a ten minute walk.  Another day I will post pictures from one of those walks. 

About 2/3 of the way down Joy St I got this picture of my neighbor Anne who was on her way up - it's quite a steep climb, a challenge even to a young person.  Although it does not stand out very much, the West End Branch of the Boston Public Library can be seen right behind Anne's head.  It is a one-story structure in an area of multi-story construction.  The Cross Street is Cambridge Street.  If you take a left there, and walk for a half hour or so (crossing the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River) you will be in Cambridge.

I took a right turn on Cambridge Street:  This is the Otis House, the oldest freestanding single structure of its type in Boston.  It is open to the public for a fee.  To the right of it is the Old West Methodist Church, which has a Revolutionary War history. 

More Cambridge St:  Formerly the Unemployment Office - now I have no idea of the use of the building, but I understand that Suffolk University wants to buy italong with the Lindemann Mental Health Building which adjoins it in back (to use as a dorm).

I really like this building.  It is PINK brick with sea-green trim.  To the right is the old Telephone Building.

The John F. Kennedy Federal Building at Government Center, Boston - viewed from the corner of Cambridge Street and Stanniford St

The view down Stanniford St from Cambridge St.  - That's the JFK building again on the right

From left to right - JFK Federal Building, Some bank or the other, and the curved building is part of the #One, #Two, and #Three Center Plaza Complex of businesses and offices, all facing the Boston City Hall Plaza, which is just behind the JFK building.  I wasnt walking toward it, so City Hall (Ugly!) will not  be depicted here.

Part way down Stanniford St, a lonely sycamore tree that has not yet begun to leaf out.  Lots of sycamores in Boston, with their motley bark and maple-y leaves.

Near the end of Stanniford St I took this picture because I liked the landscaping of this building.  It doesnt show up well, unfortunately.  I should have crossed the street, but traffic and no walk lights at that point made it too risky.

From the corner of Stanniford and Congress Streets, looking South the tower structure is the Boston Custom House, which stands near the waterfront area.  To the left is the Haymarket Square Parking Garage, and just behind the garage is Haymarket and the end of my outing that day.

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Monday, May 7th, 2007
11:44 pm
100 steps
this is 100 steps in the Mall of America . . .

okay, I was looking at lines.  Also . . . I was looking at the wonderful (either fake or ? what ? greenery there, the plants.)  that was my main focal point. 
Everything else seemed a bit overdrawn.
the second time I counted 100 steps
the only thing that looked interesting was the skylights . . . at the "Park" at the MOA.


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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
8:03 am
I think this is a GREAT idea for a community.  I have a camera phone and went walking . . .
I have 2 pictures:

Both of these pictures are in my neighborhood.

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Saturday, April 7th, 2007
9:49 am
Spring again

Now that the weather is becoming more friendly I expect to get out walking (with camera) again.  Will post pix as soon as I have them. 

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Saturday, August 12th, 2006
3:40 pm
G'day winners!

Wow, could I have written a more annoying entrance to that post?! Oh well.

I'm a young photographer in Melbourne and I take a batrillion photos but never get them out there. So to solve that, I just started a photo journal, toraks_shutter, where I'll post a different photo each day.

So give toraks_shutter a visit, there are already 2 photos up there as a kind of introduction, and if you like the look of them, please friend it.

I don't mean to spam, I just know a few people here like photography and the like, and I like all of you.

Have a good one!

PS. That name again is toraks_shutter
Monday, July 17th, 2006
10:53 am
First Try
I took a walk around my Beacon Hill Boston neighborhood yesterday and did the 100 steps thing - got 19 pictures, of which a couple are really good.

Here's a view of intown Boston from the Frog Pond wading pool on Boston Common.

The next one is a view of the entrance to one of Beacon Hill's hidden gardens. This yard used to be a place where we could go on Thursday nights (40 years ago or more) for a one-dollar bowl of "Ma's" homemade stew. "Ma" is long gone now and so is the stew and the one-dollar anything, but the garden remains.

Here's another of the Frog Pond - this time the fountain and clubhouse (which contains lockers, bathrooms, water fountains and snack bar - there is a "sidewalk" eating area in front of the clubhouse where parents can enjoy a soda while watching the kids. Yesterday it was a very humid 90 degrees, and there were as many adults as kids in the Frog Pond.


This one is of a little Real Estate office directly across the street from my apartment building. These small storefronts are very typical of the side streets of Boston's oldest  intown neighborhood.  Since many buildings have no yards, there are roof decks (you can just glimpse the one above the store, which is really on a building on the next street over).  Also, most buildings have hanging plants and/or bucket planters on the sidewalk, and the Mayor's office awards medals for the best  of these as well as for gardens throughout the city.

Sunday, July 16th, 2006
10:50 am
Good Idea!
I am always looking for a new focus for my walks and my picture taking.  I'm gonna do this one!  Will post results when I have some. 

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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
6:18 pm
Last to an old meme?
I don't know much about anything when it comes to photography, but this sounded like fun. You can see the results of my first attempt here.

Equipment: Canon SD20 on auto everything...except for a couple switches to macro mode.

DISCLAIMER: I enhanced a couple in iPhoto before I knew what the rules were. They should stick out from the rest.

This was fun...I hope to try it again.
Monday, December 26th, 2005
12:21 am
My first post - I hope someone still comes here!
I got a digital camera for Christmas- it was on my list mostly because I read about this quite a while ago and always wanted to give it a try... so here goes!

Equiptment- KodakDX3600 (methinks) and my own feet.

Location- Nova Scotia, Canada. A walk from my house.

My 150 StepsCollapse )

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
10:21 pm
If I've made any mistakes I'm very sorry - and very tired.
Hey there! I'm Jess, I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I took this while walking to the doctors from my house - unfortunately the sky was WHITE with clouds so none of the usual shadows I love so much. Also, I haven't taken any photos in..a really long while, so I'm sorta out of practise!

Taken October 5th.

Upwey, VIC, Australia. Minolta Dimage Z1..something. (Can you tell it's not mine? I will never be able to afford a decent digital camera.)

2600 steps - 26 picturesCollapse )

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
3:07 pm
Pictures for 100steps
tijntje and I decided to go for a rather long walk the other day, and thought it would be fun to take pictures for the 100steps project. We roughly followed 100 steps/100 meters (which was nearly the same we found). Photographs were mostly shot by tijntje, although I took a few. Location: Nederweert Eind, Netherlands. We used his camera, a Canon A400.

55 pictures, dial-up beware!Collapse )
Friday, June 17th, 2005
8:35 pm
100 Dual Steps...
Unfortunately, we started the whole 100 step thing BEFORE reading all the rules in this community, so I'm afraid we broke a couple of rules about cropping and saturation and such. I got permission from a higher up before posting, though. Basically, we live in Canoga Park (L.A.) California and both me and my boyfriend, thudpucker, did it at the same time, with both of us stopping and him taking a picture and then me taking a picture, etc... We also increased to 150 at one point so that we could make it all the way back home...

Comments on improving photography are very very welcome, despite my urge to say "if the contrast and saturation are too high, it's all your monitors fault, and not mine..."

FYI - Martin = thudpucker, Misty = fritters

A tour of an L.A. suburb...Collapse )

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
11:57 am
First post in 100steps! Fear my lame shots!
Mt.Dandenong, Victoria, Australia! - Canon EOS 350D (Standard Lens)

Let's hope you really like trees.Collapse )
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
8:27 pm
Tokyo station to station for work
Work takes me Tokyo quite a bit these days, so this time I decided to document my trip to work whilst there. Normally I stay in Shinbashi, near our office, and it takes about an hour to get out to the customer at Kokubunji. This time I was much nearer, only a few stops on the train.

The pictures are here. They've been re-sized to reduce them to a sensible download size. I hadn't realised quite how conspicuous I would feel when leaning out the carriage at each stop to take a picture; it certainly drew a few odd looks from the locals.
Monday, August 9th, 2004
9:37 pm
100 Steps on Anglesey
I've just come back from holiday where I was able to do another 100 steps projects. And here it is:

100 Steps on Anglesey

(I did another one a few days later, but I haven't sorted the pictures out yet.)
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