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Pictures for 100steps

tijntje and I decided to go for a rather long walk the other day, and thought it would be fun to take pictures for the 100steps project. We roughly followed 100 steps/100 meters (which was nearly the same we found). Photographs were mostly shot by tijntje, although I took a few. Location: Nederweert Eind, Netherlands. We used his camera, a Canon A400.

This is the beginning of our journey, right outside the front door, looking towards the driveway.

Sadly, this picture didn't turn out too well. I think it was too dark, and we took it from the wrong angle. It's two bear-like creatures sitting under an umbrella.

Someone didn't approve of the "No Parking" sign!

I thought the vines climbing up the tree were pretty.

Sidewalk edging. I think this one came out kinda cool, showing the texture of the concrete.

Eind is end, and this is "The End of the End"

People have deer in their front yard! There was a ditch between us and the fence, otherwise I think we could've gotten in there better.

Tips of the cornstalks. I didn't notice it at the time, but the sky looks cool with the clouds and then the blue at the top.

This mushroom was -huge- so it really captured our interest! I think the detail came out pretty well in this one.

A recently harvested field. I swear that spot in the middle looks like a backwards Idaho (yah, I'm weird).

This is a look backwards on the path we were walking on. I do like the trees lining the path.

This sign indicates you are entering a "quiet area." I might've liked it zoomed in a bit more, but you can only do what your camera lets you!

There were benches sporadically along the path. This one happened to be on our 100th step, so we photographed it, and then took a rest.

This leaf was interesting because of the textures and the colors.

Next, we came upon these lovely horses. They weren't quite standing in the "OH! A two headed horse" position, but it was close enough for us.

Some of the local plant-life. It's a bit blurry on the top, but the focus of the blades of grass was neat I think.

More plant-life. We hit a boring stretch of path with nothing but corn, grass, and random wildflowers for a while.

This is a lion, on someone's house. I don't think we were able to capture the detail as well as one might hope, but the texture of the leaves on the trees looks fantastic to me!

The beginning of the pathway into the forest, where our next stretch of pictures will be taking place!

This is a little pond we came across. It was mostly covered with green slimey stuff though.

I'm stumped... really! No, I liked the grouping, and I thought the holes were interesting.

This is a landscape picture of what was on the left side of us. Trees and other foliage were to the right.

These are cow-patterned horses. We were mainly going for the view of the lake though. The horses were just an added benefit!

I think we were trying to take a picture of the fencepost here. (We'd hit another "Oh, there's not much different from what we've already photographed" spot!)

Another landscape. This shows the yellow flowers in the field.

Yes, this is a picture of a pile of sticks. I found it interesting though, that the branches were also covered with the green that was covering the pond and many of the other trees in the area, even though they were no longer living.

This tree was absolutely -loaded- with acorns! The picture came out a bit fuzzy, but you can still see that there are tons on there!

Someone's litter. All through the forest it was nice and tidy, but as soon as we got out, this was right next to the road.

This is trying to portray the ditch along-side the road, although you can't see it as well as we'd hoped.

This is the address sign of someone with a -very- long driveway.

This is a baby Christmas-tree. They had a tree farm along one side of the road we were going along.

On the other side of the road, there was a field with soccer posts. They seemed kind of randomly there, since there wasn't much out in the area where we were. I suspect the field belonged to the people with the ridiculously long driveway!

The trees are getting bigger as we get further along!

Ironically, our 100 step/100 meter project, landed on the warning for a yield 100 meters ahead.

The lighting wasn't quite so good on this one, but 100 steps and 100 meters are pretty dang close, as evidenced by our counting, and the nice road-crew people measuring out the signs for us ;)

This shows the bicycle path we were walking along.

Ok, the texture on this tree was remarkable! We didn't -quite- capture it, but I think you can still tell it was pretty neat looking.

Pillars marking the sides of this homes driveway. It's got the name of the house on them: "Philomena Hoeve"

My boyfriend is convinced this is a petroglyph left by natives. If you look closely at the top, you can see a head with a nose and a mouth, then the neck, followed by arms. I still think it was a road crew fixing a crack, but his imagination is better than mine!

This is a house along side the road. I was particularly interested in the shutters of the house for some reason... I can't explain why.

A cup holder. I think this one came out really well. You can see the texture of the cardboard, and of the pavers really well.

This is a turned around view (looking back) on a cyclist that just passed us. I also like the way the road curves out of the picture.

What I was really trying to take a picture of was the electrical tower in the distance. Yes, the one you can hardly see!

This is a reflector on the side of the road. It's used to shine back light from headlights into the forests to keep the animals there, and not in the road. I really think it's cool how you can see the reflection of the grass.

These are real cows, not cow-patterned horses. Funnily enough, I like the branch hanging down at the top as the best part of this picture.

We came upon this lonely stick. I wonder if the lonely stick had a story. The story of us is that we were feeling a little tired and uninspired because of such a loooong walk!

Aah, back (almost) to civilization, and billboards. This was an advertisement for the villages annual festival "Festeynder."

And what could be better than a giant ice cream cone nailed to a tree!?

A -second- giant ice cream gone on the other side of the tree! (This is looking backwards, on the other side). I think though, we were really taking a picture of the lamppost.

This is quite possibly the best picture of the bunch. There was this old tree with a gaping hole in it. This is the gaping hole. It looks rather alien.

A lonely shiny ribbon tied to the lamppost. I think the focus on this one is really cool.

You might remember the "End of the End." This is the beginning, we'd come in a ginormous circle.

We made a picture of this truck because for some reason it's hilarious. It seems all out of proportion with that tiny cab and huge tall tires.

Ah, home at last. This is the doorknob.
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