msjann65 (msjann65) wrote in 100steps,

First Try

I took a walk around my Beacon Hill Boston neighborhood yesterday and did the 100 steps thing - got 19 pictures, of which a couple are really good.

Here's a view of intown Boston from the Frog Pond wading pool on Boston Common.

The next one is a view of the entrance to one of Beacon Hill's hidden gardens. This yard used to be a place where we could go on Thursday nights (40 years ago or more) for a one-dollar bowl of "Ma's" homemade stew. "Ma" is long gone now and so is the stew and the one-dollar anything, but the garden remains.

Here's another of the Frog Pond - this time the fountain and clubhouse (which contains lockers, bathrooms, water fountains and snack bar - there is a "sidewalk" eating area in front of the clubhouse where parents can enjoy a soda while watching the kids. Yesterday it was a very humid 90 degrees, and there were as many adults as kids in the Frog Pond.


This one is of a little Real Estate office directly across the street from my apartment building. These small storefronts are very typical of the side streets of Boston's oldest  intown neighborhood.  Since many buildings have no yards, there are roof decks (you can just glimpse the one above the store, which is really on a building on the next street over).  Also, most buildings have hanging plants and/or bucket planters on the sidewalk, and the Mayor's office awards medals for the best  of these as well as for gardens throughout the city.

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