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May 7, 2007

I am going to TRY to post pictures I took this past week during a walk from my home on Beacon Hill Boston to Haymarket Square.  I have a hard time uploading pictures to LJ and have no idea why.  

This walk demonstrates pretty clearly the mix of the old and the new in my Boston - Modern Buildings standing right next to structures dating back to the 1700's are a common sight throughout the city, but especially in the Beacon Hill, West End areas.

I believe I have figured out the formula for uploading from my files.  This first picture is of Joy St., Boston, just around the corner from my apartment.  We are at the top of Beacon Hill, looking down toward Cambridge St.  Note the gas light - these are the only street lights we have all over Beacon Hill and much of the downtown/uptown residential areas.  There is little or no on street parking, so most permanent residents do not own cars - we use public transportation, taxi, and bicycle - when we need to take a long auto trip, we rent a car -- it's cheaper and we dont have to worry about where to put the foolish thing when we get home again.

100 steps later we are 1/3 of the way down Joy St.  Note the buildings front right on the sidewalk.  We have trees planted in tree pits on the sidewalk, which makes them so narrow that we often walk in the street itself.  See the iron fire escapes on some of the buildings?  What do we do for a yard?  We have roof terraces and "hidden gardens" between the backs of  the buildings and the alleyways, nicely maintained and fenced.  We also have the Charles River Esplanade, the Boston Common, and the Boston Public Garden, all within a ten minute walk.  Another day I will post pictures from one of those walks. 

About 2/3 of the way down Joy St I got this picture of my neighbor Anne who was on her way up - it's quite a steep climb, a challenge even to a young person.  Although it does not stand out very much, the West End Branch of the Boston Public Library can be seen right behind Anne's head.  It is a one-story structure in an area of multi-story construction.  The Cross Street is Cambridge Street.  If you take a left there, and walk for a half hour or so (crossing the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River) you will be in Cambridge.

I took a right turn on Cambridge Street:  This is the Otis House, the oldest freestanding single structure of its type in Boston.  It is open to the public for a fee.  To the right of it is the Old West Methodist Church, which has a Revolutionary War history. 

More Cambridge St:  Formerly the Unemployment Office - now I have no idea of the use of the building, but I understand that Suffolk University wants to buy italong with the Lindemann Mental Health Building which adjoins it in back (to use as a dorm).

I really like this building.  It is PINK brick with sea-green trim.  To the right is the old Telephone Building.

The John F. Kennedy Federal Building at Government Center, Boston - viewed from the corner of Cambridge Street and Stanniford St

The view down Stanniford St from Cambridge St.  - That's the JFK building again on the right

From left to right - JFK Federal Building, Some bank or the other, and the curved building is part of the #One, #Two, and #Three Center Plaza Complex of businesses and offices, all facing the Boston City Hall Plaza, which is just behind the JFK building.  I wasnt walking toward it, so City Hall (Ugly!) will not  be depicted here.

Part way down Stanniford St, a lonely sycamore tree that has not yet begun to leaf out.  Lots of sycamores in Boston, with their motley bark and maple-y leaves.

Near the end of Stanniford St I took this picture because I liked the landscaping of this building.  It doesnt show up well, unfortunately.  I should have crossed the street, but traffic and no walk lights at that point made it too risky.

From the corner of Stanniford and Congress Streets, looking South the tower structure is the Boston Custom House, which stands near the waterfront area.  To the left is the Haymarket Square Parking Garage, and just behind the garage is Haymarket and the end of my outing that day.

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