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Camera assistance

OK here's my dilemma, and am looking for any input/feedback.

I currently have a Minolta 500si (35mm) camera, 35-105 zoom lens, and very nice Monolta 3500si flash. Takes very good pictures, but I'm sick of the spending money for film and developing, since I make photo CDs of everything and deal electronically.

I purchased a Cannon A70 about 4+ years ago as my first venture into digital photography.

While the ease of the Cannon was great, I'm getting a lot of blurry or missed shots due to slow shutter, or flash issues (washed out, blurry picture or redeye).

I haven't used the 35mm a lot and I'm finding I'm not picking the Cannon up as I'm not happy with the pictures.

So I've been looking at digital SLR but due to both cost and my physical limitation of pressing the shutter, zooming, and holding the camera with my left hand, have kind of rules them out.

So I'm down to bridge cameras (more than a point and shoot, less than SLR).

My parents recently observed why I keep looking at high end cameras. I stand very far from most subjects (i.e. people talking in a party) and take pictures from across the room. As a result I need a flash that can cover distance, yet also one that won't wash out close portraits.

So, I'm looking at getting the Fuji S700 but would like feedback on it or similar units.
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