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100 Dual Steps...

Unfortunately, we started the whole 100 step thing BEFORE reading all the rules in this community, so I'm afraid we broke a couple of rules about cropping and saturation and such. I got permission from a higher up before posting, though. Basically, we live in Canoga Park (L.A.) California and both me and my boyfriend, thudpucker, did it at the same time, with both of us stopping and him taking a picture and then me taking a picture, etc... We also increased to 150 at one point so that we could make it all the way back home...

Comments on improving photography are very very welcome, despite my urge to say "if the contrast and saturation are too high, it's all your monitors fault, and not mine..."

FYI - Martin = thudpucker, Misty = fritters

100 steps

Martin's Comments:
Nothing in particular, here. Just an urban still life.

Misty's Comments: When I first started out I was thinking mainly of letting people know the neighborhood. This is one of the closer buildings and it was relatively nice looking at this time of day. I like the kids off in the distance of the sidewalk as well.

200 steps

Martin's Comments:
Branches. I liked the texture of the bark.

Misty's Comments:Another neighborhood shot. These are buildings that if I had to live on this fershluggina street, I would live here. I didn't capture how green and cool the area was, but trust me, it's a nice oasis compared to the rest of the area.

300 steps

Martin's Comments:
An exercise in 'vanishing point' perspective. Yes, I did kick the color of the can up a bit, and desaturate the wall. So, sue me.

Misty's Comments: From the sublime to the ridiculous. Our neighborhood is one of contrasts and this is a shot that shows that. An old motel converted to apartments. A bit squalor-ey looking. Originally there was a guy in the window on the left. I also decided at this point I wanted the pictures to more often have a bit of story in them, another reason I chose this shot.

400 steps

Martin's Comments:
Nothing special - as many of these will be. When you are fixed in a certain location, sometimes there just ain't nothing to see. Here, the thing I found most interesting was the lounge chair backed by the empty shopping cart and the dumpster. Relaxing in suburbia.

Misty's Comments: I really like this one. It's very evocative of our neighborhood to me. A school, weeds, old shopping carts and Mexican guys selling ice cream.

500 steps

Martin's Comments:
Through an underground parking lot toward the entrance. Framed up nicely, I think.

Misty's Comments: I just really like the shape of the foreground flower and the colors of all the flowers. And I didn't want the 100 steps thing to make our area look like a TOTAL pit.

600 steps

Martin's Comments:
Lines in the sky. Woot.

Misty's Comments: Guy selling ice cream. Straightforward as shots go, but it also teaches me the important lesson of Pay Attention to your Damn Lighting.

700 steps

Martin's Comments:
Plants. Macro. Green. Red.

Misty's Comments: I loved finding this balcony, I thought it really had a huge "story" component to it.

800 steps

Martin's Comments:
Telephone pole of the ten thousand past flyer placements. Again, nice textures.

Misty's Comments: I just really liked the grungy textures here, which I pretty much failed to capture. As it is, I'd given away the best shot to Martin. I KNEW the post would make a better shot.

900 steps

Martin's Comments:
Inside of an umbrella at a coffee shop. Nice detail study, I think.

Misty's Comments: Here I just wanted the whole mood of all the coffee place was trying to offer. It amused me. Hookahs!! Internet!! Smoothies!!

1000 steps

Martin's Comments:
Window reflection.

Misty's Comments: This was sheer luck. Forgetting my camera's limitations, I TRIED to show that there was an unhip old woman driving a bitchin' cool car, but I got the even better shot of the reflection of "Fire" in the firey-colored car.

1100 steps

Martin's Comments:
Lot of sky, teeny litty pigeons utterly ignoring the giant evil plastic owl that's supposed to scare the life out of them. We need a telephoto lens, badly.

Misty's Comments: Here I loved the light bouncing off the expensive cars and the flags fluttering in the background across the street. Whoops! You can't catch movement in a still shot! Another lesson learned.

1200 steps

Martin's Comments:
Reflection of palm trees. Kind of pleasant, actually.

Misty's Comments: If you can't tell, this is another "story" shot. I liked all the windows being totally open and the obviously broken air-conditioner.

1300 steps

Martin's Comments:
Um. It's trees. And a building, and, and... I got nuttin', here.

Misty's Comments: Not a fantastic shot, Martin's are almost always better. I just liked the delicate little flowers in front of the big strong palm trunks.

1400 steps

Martin's Comments:
I've got a macro lens, and I'm not afraid to use it. Close up of a leaf immortalized in a sidewalk.

Misty's Comments: Didn't know the contrasts here would mess the shot up so much, but between the neat architecture of the roof, the basketball trapped on it, and the internet-style arrows on the building, I just liked this. Once again, way cooler in real life.

1500 steps

Martin's Comments:
Sidewalk, looking off into the distance.

Misty's Comments: Sunlight. Trees. Mmmm.

1600 steps

Martin's Comments:
Car, and alley. Yes, I again desaturated the alley to make the red car stand out. Sorry... it just seemed the thing to do at the time.

Misty's Comments: No real comments again, I just found this very visual.

1700 steps

Martin's Comments:
Reflection in a car window. The white blob with the arm is Misty.

Misty's Comments: Going for the funky texture on the tree.... not quite captured...

1800 steps

Martin's Comments:
Manhole. Actually, considering the size, it's a squirrel hole.

Misty's Comments: ....erm... I just liked the funky old car...

1900 steps

Martin's Comments:
Light. Trees. Green, growy things.

Misty's Comments: Another lesson learned on lighting contrasts. Poop. It seems the more something looks cool to the actual eye, the more likely it will cause my camera to crash and die.

2000 steps

Martin's Comments:
Bad attempt to capture a spiderweb against the sun. Really bad attempt.

Misty's Comments: This is probably my favorite of the pictures I took. It's very good in a traditional photography sense I think...

2100 steps

Martin's Comments:
Ice cream vendor in the distance. Not the same one.

Misty's Comments: This was supposed to very telling about the guy who owned the place, but as usual the camera didn't capture what I saw. You can't make out the brands of all the boxes he had and stuff, you can't even make out the Macintosh box...

2250 steps... wait, 2250? We were running out of camera space...

Martin's Comments:
I liked the juxtaposition of the delicate stained glass being barely visible over the cinderblock wall. On the other hand, I should slap myself for using the word 'juxtaposition'.

Misty's Comments: Good framing and perspective and mountains and stuff. I sorta stole Martin's idea on this one.

2400 steps

Martin's Comments:
This would be a panorama of construction if it weren't so teeny. As it is, it's a panoramette.

Misty's Comments: Sorta story-ey again. Before and after shots of the neighborhood.

2550 steps

Martin's Comments:
I got nuttin' here, either. Look! It's, um, things! In the same picture!

Misty's Comments: I've been reading a lot of Charles Phoenix lately and I just loved the whole retro-ness of the place.

2700 steps

Martin's Comments:
The Holy Tire Altar. Considered a sacrifice, then decided I was transportationally agnostic.

Misty's Comments: Fun with Framing. Woot.

2850 steps

Martin's Comments:
Spiderman died for your sins.

Misty's Comments: Spiderman and the Virgin Mary, together at last. I'm quite fond of irony.

3000 steps

Martin's Comments:
Actually didn't do much here, or have to. Actually the nicest pic of the bunch, I think, in a Catholic Monthly Magazine sort of way.

Misty's Comments: This was more for Martin, he loved the whole "stomping on snakes" thing. My personal choice of shot probably would have been closer to what Martin got, but not framed as well...

3150 steps

Martin's Comments:
Lots of lines. Not really zoned, but looks like it. Very busy.

Misty's Comments: This is the most similar to Martin's off all my shots. I wanted to get more of the texture of the bars, more focus on the Cerrado sign and some reflection of the rest of the neighborhood, as well.

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