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If I've made any mistakes I'm very sorry - and very tired.

Hey there! I'm Jess, I'm 18 and I live in Australia. I took this while walking to the doctors from my house - unfortunately the sky was WHITE with clouds so none of the usual shadows I love so much. Also, I haven't taken any photos in..a really long while, so I'm sorta out of practise!

Taken October 5th.

Upwey, VIC, Australia. Minolta Dimage Z1..something. (Can you tell it's not mine? I will never be able to afford a decent digital camera.)

100 Steps.

This is the path up from our house. ..:D.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

200 Steps

I've walked up the path onto our road (belmont avenue) and this is facing back the way I came - our drive is the pale one close on the left.

300 Steps

Still walking. Pretty trees.

400 Steps

Someone's hedge - I do love the colour though, especially as things are only just starting to bloom here really.

500 Steps

I do, in fact, live in a house riiiiight up the top of a hill - and to prove it, here's the lookout!

600 Steps

The road ahead - and I'm thanking my lucky stars for some downhill!

700 Steps

It's another flower. There's not a lot to take pictures of around here!

800 Steps

This tree is actually really huge.

900 Steps

Oooh, something different! A ditch!

1000 Steps

I LOVE forget-me-nots.

1100 Steps

The street is split in half and split-leveled this far down, and there are steps like this in a few places up the seperating island.

1200 Steps

*winces* Some badly focused weeds. Sorry.

1300 Steps

Again with the blurry...at least they're a nice green?

1400 Steps

Nearing the intersection at the end of the street.

1500 Steps

This tree looked a lot cooler at the time..it's on the big road our road comes off.

1600 Steps

We've crossed the road! Finally!

1700 Steps

Big bare lot just outside of the main township.

1800 Steps

'Main street'. Looks kinda bleak, huh?

1900 Steps

Finally, some colour! A sign outside the bakery (I resisted temptation).

2000 Steps

More main road - and the cutest little green car! This is where I cross the road to avoid a big group of my peers, drinking beer at 2pm - black velvet and dyed hair is a sign of freakdom in this place and I'm not risking it.

2100 Steps

Fence outside of the train station.

2200 Steps

This sort of makes me sad - it's such a nice, green place and people are so inconsiderate.

2300 Steps

More big - and I mean BIG - trees.

2400 Steps

Path. I am well bored of walking by now - damn my short legs!

2500 Steps

Iiiiiiiiiiit's a fence!

2600 Steps

A very pretty tree outside my doctors office. I'm done.

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