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My first post - I hope someone still comes here!

I got a digital camera for Christmas- it was on my list mostly because I read about this quite a while ago and always wanted to give it a try... so here goes!

Equiptment- KodakDX3600 (methinks) and my own feet.

Location- Nova Scotia, Canada. A walk from my house.

My First Attempt...

This was taken at the end of my street.

This is the street next to mine- the 'highway' in the above picture is behind me.

Just trotting along- I felt restricted at this point because the pine tree in the distance would've looked better with 50 more steps.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Some animal tracks in the ditch! I'm now on a little lane that is perpendicular to the 'highway' on the right side.
Image hosted by

To my left, a lovely little field with hills in the back. I really liked the way the sky is pale but still so rich next to the snow.
Image hosted by

Further along, same direction, except now you can see nothing but the ridge of snow.
Image hosted by

150 steps later, a shot taken from the middle of the road. It was already getting dark when we left on an already foggy day. At this point the photos are much worse because it's just too dark for my little camera.
Image hosted by

I was trying for a picture of the hills here... darn darkness.
Image hosted by

The next 150 steps actually brought me under a railroad bridge and beside the water it crossed, this is a picture across the little stream.
Image hosted by

So, first try didn't turn out -too- badly I don't think... I wish it were brighter/I had a better cam./outdoor equiptment because there were some really nice photos I took after I was finished my project that are mostly black and blue... I welcome comments!


Image hosted by
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Yay! Someone posted their pics!

Liked them all, but I especially liked the stream picture. The horizontal layers of snow seem to extend the whole rushing stream thing up to the trees... an accident, sure, but a happy one.

I miss snow. Send some down here to Los Angeles, would you? :)

Thanks for sharing your pictures, and hope you had a good Christmas!

Happy accidents are my favorite kind! :)

I'll send as much as possible- would you like some snow-water sent? :D
Look at all that snow! Thanks for the pics!
I was happy to take them!

The snow in the pics is like, half of what we usually have at this time of year- still plenty of winter left!
You inspired me to do the 100 steps in my own neighborhood.
:D Awesome! I can't wait to see them!
These are nice. PROPER SNOW!! Not like the odd 3 inches we get over here that grinds the country to a halt.

Thanks for posting.
:) See, we get so much that we always drive around with studded tyres, makes it a little safer- other places 2''=bedlam!
Not only does someone still come here, the mods still hang out. ;)

And so it is that I can say that if you think an additional 50 steps will be a better shot, you're always welcome to take the additional 50 steps! The way I see it, the 100-steps concept is more or less so that you have a set time of "oh, look, I'm in the next area, time to take a picture" more than counting the exact number of steps. No two people can do a 100-steps type photo shoot identically anyhow; it's always going to be unique.

Alternatives to counting off 100 steps can include such things as setting a little timer so that you set it for, say, five minutes between photos, or by distance measurement (every two blocks, every tenth of a mile, etc). But it's not a perfect, exact science; it's more or less just the easiest way to explain what, exactly, we do here. :)

Anyhow - the pictures came out fantastic! I particularly like the fifth one because I've always thought trees erupting from snow looks really beautiful, so that would be my favorite... but they're all great. :)

I've got to do this again soon. Maybe this time, I'll just turn on my new MP3 player and time it by snapping a picture every time the song changes.
I'm so glad that people actually monitor this comm! I was so looking forward to doing the challenge, and now I just keep thinking of when my next one'll be!

I'll be sure to take more tree pictures for you, seperately or in one of these... :D