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Lonely in here!

Where  is everyone?  I think this is a great site with wonderful potential.  I am very interested in viewing other people's photos of their long walks.  Also, I am enough of an egotist that I enjoy feedback about my pictures.  

Here's one picture I took the other day.  It is the site of my first apartment away from parental home -- I lived there with a roommate for about three months in the summer of 1959.  Problems with that roommate forced me to move to a much nicer apartment nearby with two great roommates.  Anyhow, this was a really cute place, a one bedroom on Boston's Newbury St near Mass. Ave.  Rent was $18 per week, heat and utlities included, shared two ways ($9 each).   About twenty years or so later, the Mass Pike extension into Boston resulted in the razing of that whole section of Newbury Street westward from Mass. Avenue almost to Kenmore Square (think Fenway Park).

I have an album I call "Places I Remember" -- This is one of Boston's well-known "Three-deckers", located at 111 Williams Street in Jamaica Plain.   We lived on the top floor of this very large apartment from the time I was three months old (1941) until we had to move when I was seven years old (1948).  My mother tells me that the rent was $32.50 per month and we paid our own heating bills (Hard coal furnace).  Today our apartment is one of the three condos in the building - last sold three years ago for $250,000.  Imagine!  Buying an apartment?  Not me, thanks!

So, how about it, people?  Taken any good pictures lately?  I would LOVE to see them here.
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