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100 Steps Photo Challenge

A Good Walk Improved

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About This Community

This is a photo challenge community. This isn't a contest, it's about challenging yourself and your own skills and equipment, rather than competing against other people.

This began as a meme created by dmmaus, and I've had so much fun with it, and so much interest I thought it should become a community.

How It Works

Here are the steps you take:

  1. Pick a starting point

  2. Take 100 steps

  3. Take one photo of whatever looks interesting.

  4. Take another 100 steps; take another photo.

  5. Repeat as many times as you like.

  6. Post photos here, preferably with commentary (See Hints And Tips)

Why Do It?

First and foremost if you enjoy photography, it can be a new and interesting way to explore your hobby.

Secondly it's a good way to relax and enjoy taking photos without the 'pressure' to take a good one. After all wherever you stop may not have anything interesting, or poor lighting, or something else that makes taking a good photo difficult. The idea is not to 'stress' about it, but just do the best you can.

Thirdly, it's a good way to stretch yourself and experiment with composition and your camera. I've found that doing this has 'forced' me to learn more about my camera, and about how to compose shots to try to get the best out of any situation.

Lastly, it's a different way of showing people where you live, where you work, or where you stayed on your holidays. By 'following' you on your walk it will give people a closer perspective of where you are.


  1. No destructive criticism.
    "I like it" is good but not helpful.
    "I like it because of the lighting" is useful.
    "I don't like it because it's too crowded" is also useful.
    "It sucks" is not helpful and not acceptible.
    Any destructive criticism or flames will be deleted.

  2. You are highly encouraged to post commentary on your photos.

  3. Post all the 100 steps pictures, even the ones that you don't like.
    Even failures can help you learn

  4. Use the lj-cut tag. You can have one picture, of no more than 600 pixels wide, not behind the cut to act as a "teaser". All the rest should be behind a cut tag.

  5. There's no limit on how many photos you take during the challenge. It can be 5, 50 or 500. It's your bandwidth ;)

  6. The only changes allowed to your pictures are to resize them or to add a border
    Remember, this is about what you and your camera can do, not what you can do with photoshop (or GIMP or...). Most cameras these days allow you to take photos in Black and White or Sepia, so those are certainly allowed. If lighting or something else makes it look like you've altered a picture, it's probably best to explain that in your commentary.

  7. Non picture posts are allowed as long as they are in spirit of the community
    That is asking for advice on cameras, or photography in general. I'd like them kept to a minimum though.

Hints and Tips

  • Try to mix it up a bit. Streetscapes, landscapes, interiors, candid portraits, close ups, etc, - dmmaus

  • It doesn't have to be 100 steps. It can be any regular period. 100 steps, 1000 steps, every 5 minutes, every 10 Kilometers/Miles (If you're driving/cycling).

  • This is a challenge for the individual involved. Certainly look at other's posts and learn from them, but if you happen to have a 2 megapixel camera with no zoom, and someone else has a 11 Megapixel camera with millions of lenses then you won't get the same photos. This is about learning to stretch yourself and your equipment.

  • Feel free to play around with the format of the 100 Steps Challenge. I've already mentioned changing the distance between photos, but perhaps other people will think of different ways to change it. If you do, please post the 'rules' you used in your challenge.

  • Your commentary might include why you took this photo. Was it because there was nothing better, or because it really interested you? Perhaps you can give directions to help orient us. "This is looking back the way I came." for example.

  • Photobucket.com is a good, free photo hosting site if you don't have anywhere to host your photos.

Suggested Format For Entries

This is more a guide to help you get started than a 'you must do it this way' thing.

Location, Type of Equipment (for example, Phillip, ACT, Australia - Pentax Optio 330GS)

100 Steps

Commentary on first picture


200 Steps

Commentary on second picture





1000 Steps

Commentary on last picture



Your moderators are darkladywolf and ladypixel.